RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors

The 16.8 million colors of this mouse will wrap around you and 

contribute a special color to  your  games,   above all  at  night. 

Thanks to its intuitive software you’ll be able to define different

color settings that a llow  you  to  adapt  and  personalize  your

surroundings  to  different moments  and  situations.


Ambidextrous design for esports

Moba or shooter –No matter what your Speciality is,

the  IM04  is  the   perfect  mouse  To   get maximus

performance     out   of    your    Training   sessions

and competitions,whichever hand  you use to  paly.

Technical specifications

Many Sensors optional:PMW3325/3327/3330/3360

6D or 8D optional


MCU support on-line upgrade

Switch:Omron or Huano 20M lifetime

Programmable buttons:8

Marco setting by software

Profile setting by softwareMany funtions setting by software

LED:RGB 16.8 million colors

Mouse Size:125*64*39mm;

Mouese Weight:93g±5g

Plug:Gold-plated USB

Compatiable with: windows XP/ 7 / 8 / 10