Configurable modular buttons

The best feature of this mouse is the  option to  perfectly adapt it to 

your  style  of  play. This is  why the  Ironcat  IM01 is  equipped  with

modularbuttons  which  enable  you to  configure  the  device  exactly

how you l ike, even  adjusting the number of buttons  you want to use
In addition, it has a  high  quality rubber  finish  and  Teflon pads on its 

base to ensure a perfect grip and a good glide on any type of mousepad


Quick swap switch system(patent)for left and right

click switch,when the switch works long time,the

palyer want good touch feeling,you can change the

switch easily by the quiack swap switch system.

Weight control system(2.5g*8pcs weight),the player could

adjust the best weight to control the game comfortably.

Technical specifications


Quick swap switch design(Patent)

Programmable buttons:6-15


Manyside buttons combinations

Weight control system

Omron 10M switch

DPI and RGB setting by software

Marco setting by software

Profile setting by software

RGB Lighting effect



Plug: gold-plated USB

Compatiable with:Windows XP/7/8/10